About us

Victimology society of Serbia is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, founded in 1997, whose aim is to unite as many academics and professionals as possible who are interested in on the development of victimology and protection of victims of crime, human rights violations and war, regardless of their gender, religion, ethnicity and other features.

The Victimology Society of Serbia was founded on November 12, 1997. VDS is the member of the World Society of Victimology and European Forum for Victim Services and cooperates with similar national and international organizations.

President of Victimology Society of Serbia is professor Slobodan Savić,Phd
Director of Victimology Society of Serbia is professor Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović, Phd.
President of Executive Committee of Victimology Society of Serbia is Sanja Ćopić, Phd

The memebers of Executive Committee are:
a. prof. dr Slobodanka Konstantinović-Vilić
b. prof. dr Slađana Jovanović
c. dr Mirjana Dokmanović
d. dr Ivana Stevanović
e. prof. dr Sanja Ćopić
f. Jasmina Nikolić
g. prof. dr Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović  


A member of Society may be, under equal conditions, any citizen of Serbia, who by his/her professional and social commitment may contribute to the realization of the purposes and tasks of Society. Distinguished academics and professionals may become members of the Society upon invitation and may be awarded the Approved Honorary Membership.


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E-mail: vdsrbija@gmail.com


Every working day from 10:00am to 20:00pm