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2020 – No 1 Victimization and Diversity:

Mally Shechory-Bitton, Lea Jaeger:

The Role of Sexual Orientation in Differentiating between Perceptions of Rape Myths, Gender Role Stereotypes and Social Distance: The Case of Israel
Uticaj seksualne orijentacije na percipiranje mitova o silovanju, rodnih stereotipa i socijalne distance: Slučaj Izraela
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Irma Kovčo Vukadin:

LGBT žrtve nasilja: Pregled europskih spoznaja, politika i praksi
LGBT Victims of Violence: An Overview of European Knowledge, Policies and Practices
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Zorica Mršević:

Izazovi i perspektive „duginih porodica” u Srbiji
Challenges and Perspectives of “Rainbow Families“ in Serbia
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Konstantinos I. Panagos:

Victim’s Interests and the Role of Probation Officers in Victim-offender Mediation: Theoretical Analysis and the Greek Juvenile Justice System
Interesi žrtve i uloga probacijskog službenika u procesu posredovanja između žrtve i učinioca: Teorijska analiza i sistem maloletničkog pravosuđa u Grčkoj
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Anamaria Drožđan-Kranjčec, Maja Mamula:

Unapređenje sustava pomoći i podrške žrtvama i svjedocima/kinjama kaznenih djela – Uloga
organizacija civilnog društva u Hrvatskoj
Advancement of the Assistance and Support System for Victims and Witnesses of Criminal Offences – The Role of Civil Society Organizations in Croatia
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Filip Mirić:

Novi pravni režim poklona iz zahvalnosti pacijenata zdravstvenim radnicima u Republici Srbiji
New Legal Status of Patients’ Gratitude to Medical Workers
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2019 – No 3 Invisible Victims:

Anabel I. Cerezo

María Izco:

Young Foreign Women in Prison: A Case Study in Malaga Prison
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Mirjana Dokmanović:

Invisible Victims of Non-ethical Reporting on Suicide in Serbia
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Marta Tomić:

Women in the Police Profession and a Review of the Situation in the Serbian Police
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Nikola Paunović:

Sexual Harassment – from Anti-discriminatory to Criminal Law Regulation with Reference to the Key Reasons for the Invisibility of the Victims
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Kristina Jorgić Stepanović:

Invisible Victims of Induced Abortions in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in the 1930s
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2019 – No 2 Violence against Women:

Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović:

Violence against Women and Teaching at Higher Education Institutions in Serbia
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Sanja Ćopić:

Development of Legislative Framework for the Protection of Women Victims of Violence in Serbia
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Slađana Jovanović:

New Criminal Law Responses of the Republic of Serbia to Violence against Women
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Tanja Ignjatović:

Violence against Women After Separation and Divorce of the Partners: Challenges in Assessments and Decisions on Protection Measures
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Tamara Klikovac:

Partner Violence against Women with Malignancies
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2019 – No 1 New and Old Forms of Victimization: Challenges for Victimology Theory and Practice:

Irma Kovčo Vukadin:

Ethical Questions in Children Sexual Victimization Research
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Natalija Perišić:

Domestic Violence against Immigrant Women in Transit – The Case of Serbia
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Vida Vilić:

Revenge Porn as a Form of Cyber Misogyny
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Nataša Tanjević:

Prevention of Torture of Persons Deprived of their Liberty in Serbia: State and Challenges
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2018 – No 3 Eldery People as Crime Victims:

Amanda Phelan
Carmel Downes
Gerard Fealy
Deirdre O’Donnell:

The Elder Abuse Suspicion Index: Results of a Pilot Study
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Marta Sjeničić
Zoran Vesić:

Elderly Abuse: Research and Prevention
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Katarina Risović
Silvia Rusac
Nataša Todorović:

Risk Factors Associated with Violence against Elderly in a Family Setting
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Sanja Ćopić
Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović:

Raising Awareness of Prisoners about Restorative Justice and Victims: An Example of the Program Implemented in the Women’s Prison in Serbia
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Emina Borjanić Bolić:

Addressing Vicarious Trauma at Child Welfare Professionals
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2018 – No 2 Cyber Victimization and Challenges of Victim Support:

Sanja Milivojevic
Thomas Crofts
Murray Lee
Alyce McGovern:

‘A Sneaky Bit of Stalking’: Young People, Social
Network Sites, and Practices of Online Surveillance

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Jelena Opsenica Kostić
Ivana Pedović
Tanja Panić:

Problematic Internet Use among Adolescents:
Psychometric Properties of the Index
of Problematic Online Experiences (I-POE)

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Natalija Žunić
Vida Vilić:

Internet and Female Victimization
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Nikola Paunović:

Cyberbullying of Children: Challenges of Victim Support
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Neda Savić:

Women as Victims of Environmental Crime and the Relation of their Victimization to the Victimization of Animals: An Ecofeminist Perspective
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Maša Marisavljević
Jelena Srna
Lazar Tenjović:

The Predictors of Parental Use of Corporal Punishment
in the Upbringing of Children of Preschool Age

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Gorjana Mirčić Čaluković
Emir Ćorović:

Public Prosecutor as the Agency of Protection of Domestic Violence Victims in the Legal System of Serbia
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2018 – No 1 Victims between Security, Human Rights and Justice: Local and Global Context:

Cezary Kulesza
Dariusz Kużelewski:

Victim-offender Mediation as an Alternative to the Criminal Justice System in Poland
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Ivana Milosavljević-Đukić
Bojana Tankosić:

Psychological Aspects of Child Development of Importance for Judicial Proceedings
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Tanja Ignjatović
Vanja Macanović:

Challenges in the Implementation of the Law on the Prevention of Domestic Violence in Serbia
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Аna Batričević
Nikola Paunović:

Environmental Terrorism – Victimological Aspects and Preventive Mechanisms
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Neda Savić:

Women as Victims of Environmental Crime and the Relation of their Victimization to the Victimization of Animals: An Ecofeminist Perspective
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Caroline O’Nolan
Estelle Zinsstag
Marie Keenan:

Researching ‘Under the Radar’ Practices: Exploring Restorative Practices in Sexual Violence Cases
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Johnson Ayodele:

Crime Reporting Practices Among Traders in Alaba International Market, Lagos
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2017 – No 3 Victims and the media:

Nina Mihaljinac:

Victimization as a Strategy of the Artistic Representation of the Past: The Case of the NATO Bombing of the FRY
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Olivera Pavićević
Aleksandra Bulatović:

The Relevance of the Social Context for Media Coverage of Victims
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Sarah Simons:

The Media: Minimizing Re-Victimisation through Duty of Care for Victims and Responsible Journalism
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Jelena Jemuović:

Normative Framework of Media Reporting on Victims of Crime in the Republic of Serbia
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Danijela Spasić
Dag Kolarević
Zoran Luković:

Femicide in Partnership Relations
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Lorenn Walker
Cheri Tarutani
Ben Furman:

The Power of Restorative Apologies (Real and Imagined) for Victims and Offenders
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2017 – No 2 Multiple Faces of Victimisation: Contemporary Wars, Terrorism and Migration:

Erlend Paasche, May-Len Skilbrei:

Gendered Vulnerability and Return Migration
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Chadley James:

Seeking Refuge in South Africa: The Victimization of Vulnerable Persons
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Nikola Paunović:

Viktimizacija žena kao posledica feminizacije migracija
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Biljana Simeunović-Patić:

Attitudes toward Victim and Victimization in the Light of the Just World Theory
Full text:

Jasna Hrnčić:

Family Constellation as a Treatment for Overcoming the Consequences of Violence on Victims
Full text:

Jelena Rakić:

Female Genital Mutilation – From Tradition to Femicide
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Bejan Šaćiri, Jasmina Nikolić:

Analysis of the VDS Info and Victim Support Service’s Work in the Period 2013-2015
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Aleksandra Dimitrijević, Milena Mladenović:

Sexual Harassment of Students – Survey Results
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2017 – No 1 Security and viktimization: Challenges of social reaction and victims' protection:

Janice Joseph:

Victims of Femicide in Latin America: Legal and Criminal Justice Responses
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Zorica Mrsevic
Svetlana Jankovic:

Implementation of Principle of Local Ownership: From Victimization to Empowerment of Women
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Ivana Djukic-Milosavljevic
Bojana Tankosic
Jana Petkovic
Marija Markovic:

Units for the Protection of Child Victims and Witnesses in the Criminal Proceedings – Domestic Legislation and Practice
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Jelena Watkins:

Peer-support Groups for Cross-Border Victims of Terrorism: Lessons Learnt in the UK after the 9/11 and Paris Attacks
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Karolina Lendák-Kabók:

The Impact of the Language Barrier on the Success of Hungarian Minority Women in the Higher Education System of Serbia
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Zorana Antonijevic
Kosana Beker:

Discourse Analysis of Gender Equality and Non-discrimination Laws and Strategies
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2016 – No 1 New Trends in Victimology Theory and Practice:
Dilemmas and Challenges in Protecting Victims:

Axelle Reiter:

Protection against Violence and Discrimination: The Case of Roma Victims in Member States of the Council of Europe

Michaela Štefunková:

Potential of Criminological Research in Evaluation of Victim-focused Policy and Legislation in the Czech Republic

Vesna Stefanovska:

Media Coverage of the Violent Crime in the Republic of Macedonia

Miloš Resimić:

Media Coverage of Violence against Women in the Family and in an Intimate Partner Relationship in Serbia

Nikica Hamer Vidmar:

The Rights of Victims According to the Criminal Procedure Act of the Republic of Croatia – Needs of the Victim and Practical Experience from the Perspective of the Victim and Witness Support Offices

Biljana Janjić
Kosana Beker:

Persons with Disabilities in Institutions as Victims of Discrimination and Human Rights Violation

Radomir Zekavica:

Perception of Police on Discrimination in Serbia – Results of the Survey on the Attitudes of Public Order and Traffic Police Officers

Nikola Petković
Zoran Pavlović:

Some Problems in use of the “Questionnaire for the Assessment of Risk for Those Sentenced to Imprisonment for up to Three Years”

2016 – No 2 Contribution of Nils Christie to Victimology
Victims of terrorism:

Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović
Sanja Ćopić
Ruth Jamieson:

In Memory of Nils Christie: An Outstanding Criminologist, Free Thinker and Generous Man

Ezzat Fattah:

Victimology’s Debt to Nils Christie: The Outlasting Legacy of a Free Thinker

Sandra Walkate:

Nils Christie: On the Periphery But in the Centre

Antony Pemberton:

Dangerous Victimology: My Lessons Learned from Nils Christie

Nataša Mrvić Petrović
Zdravko Petrović:

How to Effectively Compensate a Victim of Terrorism: Comparison of Serbian and Israel Solutions

Marian Liebmann:

Restorative Justice Training in Intercultural Settings in Serbia, and the Contribution of the Arts

Ivana Kronja:

“Social horror”: A Critical Analysis of Ideological and Poetic Function of the Motive of Victim in the Contemporary Serbian Film

2016 – No 3-4 Viktimization and internet

Debarati Halder
Karuppannan Jaishankar:

Celebrities and Cyber Crimes: An Analysis of the Victimization of Female Film Stars on the Internet

Vesna Baltezarević
Radoslav Baltezarević
Borivoje Baltezarević:

The Prevalence of Victimization and the Internet abuse in Student Population

Miljan Savić
Nikola M. Petrović:

Internet Piracy and Consequences for Victims

Marija Nešić:

Cyberbullying Victimization in Adolescents’ Population

Ana Batričević:

The Reaction to Femicide in Criminal Law

Olivera Pavićević
Hajdana Glomazić
Ljeposava Ilijić:

The Femicide as a Part of the Culture of Violence

Nevena Daković:

Cinematic Narratives of Sonderkommando: Son of Saul or Narrating the Victim, Perpetrator, Trauma and Death

Besa Arifi:

Categorization of Crime Victims: Comparing Theory and Legislation

Miroslav Stevanović:

The Right to the Truth of Victims of a Repressive Regime in the International Public Law

Filip Mirić:

Challenges of the Reform of the Position of Juvenile Victims of Crime in the Republic of Serbia

2015 – No 1 Victims and contemporary responses to crime: between protection and misuse:

Marc Groenhuijsen:

Protection of Crime Victims by Legal Means: International and European Law and Policy

Nevena Petrušić
Slobodanka Konstantinović Vilić
Natalija Žunić:

Institutional Sexism: An Obstacle to an Effective Protection Against Domestic Violence

Vesna Jarić:

Contribution of United Nations in Serbia to Protection of Women Survivors of Violence in Family and in Intimate Partner Relationships: From International
Law to Practice

Zorica Mršević:

Fans and Sport Events‘ Audiences as Victims of Violence Induced by Sport

Danica Vasiljević-Prodanović:

Corruption in Health Care: Victims of White Coat Crime in Serbia

Filip Mirić:

Language of Disability as a Factor of Discrimination of Persons with Disabilities

Nikica Hamer Vidmar
Martina Bajto:

Experience in Working with Volunteers as Providers of Support to Victims and Witnesses in Victim and Witness Support Departments at the Courts

2015 – No 2 Secondary Victimisation and Victim Support:

Goran Bašić:

Ideal Victim and Competition for Victimhood in the Stories of the Survivors of the War in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović
Sanja Ćopić
Nikola M. Petrović
Bejan Šaćiri:

Victimization and Justice in Intercultural Context in Serbia

Mirjana Dokmanović:

Hate Crimes Recording: Recommendations of the International Bodies and Their Significance to Serbia

Nikica Hamer Vidmar
Martina Bajto
Danijela Ivanović
Maida Pamuković
Ana Ruševljan:

Informing Victims about the Release of Perpetrators from Serving Their Prison Sentence in the Republic of Croatia

Siniša Dostić
Saša Gosić:

GRETA Questionnaires as a Part of the Mechanism for Monitoring Implementation of the Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings

Janice Joseph:

Sexual Harassment in Tertiary Institutions: A Comparative Perspective

Marija R. Marković:

Possibilities for Teacher’s Preventive Actions in Regard Bullying Behavior of Students

2015 – No 3-4 Positive victimology and Restorative justice, Security and Victims:


Natti Ronel:

Why Victimology Should Stay Positive – The Ongoing Need for Positive Victimology

Danica Vasiljević-Prodanović:

Positive Psychology and its Contribution to the Development of Positive Victimology

Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović:

Persons with Cancer Diagnosis as Victims/Survivors: Patterns of Victimization, Empowering Support and Posttraumatic Growth


Gema Varona:

Capturing Invisible Dimensions of Terrorist Victimisation through Photography and Video: Theoretical Background for a Research in Progress in the Basque Country

Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović

Jelena Srna

Sanja Ćopić:

Applying Restorative Approaches in Intercultural Settings in Serbia: Theoretical Departures and Methodological Approach of the VDS’ Action Research in Three Multiethnic Communities

Debarati Halder:

Cyber Stalking Victimisation of Women: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Current Laws in India from Restorative Justice and Therapeutic Jurisprudential Perspectives

Aleksandra Bulatović:

Restorative Justice and the Relationship of Perpetrator and Victim of Crime



Milica Kovačević:

Victims' Rights: The European Court of Human Rights and Normative Regulation of Victims' Rights in the Republic of Serbia

2014 – No 1 Victims and contemporary responses to crime: between protection and misuse:

Snežana Soković:

Victims and contemporary tendencies in crime control

Axelle Reiter:

Victims of human rights violations and victims of human rights restrictions

Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović:

Yoga and victims

Slobodanka Konstantinović Vilić, Natalija Žunić:

Female alcoholism: Gender differences as victimogenic predispositions

Zorica Mršević:

Femicide in media

Jasna Hrnčić, Tatjana Rajić:

Victims’ relation towards the offence and victim-offender mediation

Milan Klisarić, Aurelija Đan:

Relationship between the police and crime victims: an analysis of the process and the level of satisfaction with police work

Olivera Isaković, Ivana Mihić, Tijana Karić:

Experiences of punishment by parents during childhood: a retrospective study

Una Radovanović, Milica Popović:

VDS info and support service: the analysis of the Service’s work in 2012

Ljiljana Stevković, Sanja Ćopić:

XIII Annual Conference of the ESC “Beyond punitiveness: Crime and crime control in Europe in a comparative perspective”

Zorica Jankov:

V. Nikolić-Ristanović (ur.)
Crime recording: experiences from the world and Serbia

2014 – No 2 Implementation of Anti-Discrimination Policies in Serbia:

Mirjana Dokmanović:

Mechanisms of Improving Institutional Capacities of the State to Prevent Hate Speech and Hate Crimes

Nevena Petrušić:

Legal Status, Role and Competencies of the Commissioner for Protection of Equality

Zorica Mršević:

On the Strategy of Prevention and Protection against Discrimination as the Basic Document of the State’s Anti-Discrimination Policy

Radomir Zekavica:

Perception of Police on Discrimination in Serbia

Mario Reljanović:

Implementation of Anti-Discrimination Legislation in the Sphere of Labor

Maja Branković Đunđić:

The Impact of Public Policies on Economic Empowerment of Women in Serbia

Tijana Karić, Biljana Rašković-Živković, Vladimir Mihić:

Social Distance Towards Female Sex Workers and its Relations to Authoritarianism, Social Dominance Orientation and Self-Respect

Bejan Šaćiri:

Fourth Annual Conference of the Victimology Society of Serbia „Victims and Contemporary Responses to Crime: Between Protection and Misuse“

Aleksandra Aranđelović:

V.Nikolić- Ristanović, S. Ćopić, J. Nikolić, B.Šaćiri: Discrimination against Women at the Labor Market in Serbia

2014 – No 3 Victims of Sexual Violence:

Vibha Hetu:

Reflections on the Society’s Reaction towards Rape Victims in Delhi City

Deborah F. Hellmann:

Victims of Sexual Abuse by Catholic Clerics and Their Needs for Compensation

Ksenija Kričković Pele
Kosana Beker:

Gender and Social Controversies of In Vitro Fertilization in Serbia – Discrimination against Childless Women

Dragana Stojanović:

Femininity in the Field of Abjection: the Analysis of the Position of the Female Subject in the Phallogocentric Framework of Language and Writing

Edit Törzs:

Restorative Justice Approaches in Intercultural Conflict Settings – Findings of a Survey and Implications for Practice

2014 – No 4 Invisible Victims:

Stephanie Fohring:

Putting a Face on the Dark Figure: Describing Victims Who Don’t Report Crime

Saša Mijalković
Vladimir Cvetković:

Victimization of People by Natural Disasters: Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Consequences

Martine Hébert
Tinneke Van Camp
Francine Lavoie
Martin Blais
Mireille Guerrier:

Understanding the Hesitancy to Disclose Teen Dating Violence: Correlates of Self-efficacy to Deal with Teen Dating Violence

Tatjana Đurić Kuzmanović:

Hypocrites of Old or Water Carriers of New Era and Their Invisible Victims - Rethinking Corporate Social Responsibility

Susanna Vezzadini:

Being (Almost) Invisible: Victims of Crime in the Italian Juvenile Criminal Justice System

Pamela Kerschke-Risch:

The Aflatoxin-Affair: The Invisible Victims of Crime in the Food-Sector

2013 – No 1 Victims and contemporary social context: theory, practice, and activism:

Nadia Wager:

The experience and insight of survivors who have engaged in a restorative justice meeting with their assailant

Marissabell Škorić:

Sex and Gender Characteristics in the Criminal Code of the Republic of Croatia with special reference to the criminal offences of rape and domestic violence

Axelle Reiter:

Victims of ’private’ crimes and application of human rights in interpersonal relations

Zorica Mršević:

Victims of peer violence

Ivana Stevanović:

Children involved in the life and work on the streets as victims of exploitation and abuse

Ana Batričević:

Environmental criminal offences – victimless crimes?

Nataša Tanjević, Filip Mirić:

Suppression of discrimination against people with disabilities an the field of labor and employment – situation and prospects

Vida Vilić:

Cyberstalking victimization

2013 – No 2 Victimization of persons with mental difficulties:

Paolo Serra:

Martyrs of the psychiatric hospitals

Aleksandar Dimitrijević, Anja Živković, Maša Božović:

Substance abuse as a cause of violence in persons diagnosed with shizophrenia

Nikola M. Petrović, Bejan Šaćiri:

History of the treatment of persons with psychological difficulties in Serbia and the abuse of their civil rights

Mia Popić, Snežana Antičević:

Stigmatization towards persons with mental and intellectual difficulties

Zorica Mršević:

Transsexuals and families – between discrimination and inclusion

Nataša Hanak, Lazar Tenjović, Veronika Išpanović-Radojković, Ana Vlajković, Mirjana Beara:

Epidemiological research of violenxce against children in families in Serbia

Nikola Petković, Zoran Pavlović, Ljiljana Stevković:

The attitudes of professionals towards implementation of the registry of offenders of sexual abuse of juveniles

Karolina Lendák-Kabók:

Women in parliaments in the Republic of Serbia

Melanija Jančić:

Freedom of peaceful assembly and prohibition of discrimination on the basic of sexual orientation

2013 – No3-4 Victimization and Offending Overlap – Intercultural contexts and victimization:

Ljiljana Stevković:

When a victim becomes violent perpetrator – violent victimization in childhood, violent criminal behavior in adulthood

Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović, Bejan Šaćiri:

Dealing with interethnic conflicts by civil society in Serbia: activities and discourse

Sanja Ćopić:

Activities and the discourse of the state agencies and institutions in Serbia in dealing with interethnic conflicts

Héra Gábor:

Roma and non-Roma conflicts in the light of power relations

Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović, Una Radovanović, Milica Popović:

The Kosovo Memory Book as an example of the recording of war victimisation: methodology and importance for establishing the facts about the past, collective memory and reconciliation

Mirjana Vuksanović:

The consequences of mobbing and possibilities of their measurement

Marijana Šuleić:

Gender implications of illiteracy: dimension of illiteracy and it’s victims

Gordana Marčetić Radunović, Jasna Hrnčić, Nevenka Žegarac:

Psychometric Characteristics of the Scale for Assessment of the Risk of Children and Juveniles for Conflict with the Law

2012 - No 1 Victims of crime and war: international and national context:

Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović:

Different understandings of the notion of victim and their consequences on the social attitude towards victimization

Nataša Mrvić-Petrović:

Crime victims’ right to compensation

Michael Humphrey:

Victims, Civil Society and Transistional Justice in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Estela Valverde:

Constructing victimhood in post-Franco’s Spain: the recovery of memory by the grandchildren of victims of the Civil War and dictatorship

Geoffroy Lorin de la Grandmaison:

International Criminal tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), the forensic pathologist and ethics

Zorica Mršević:

Media approach to gender-based violence

Oliver Bačanović, Nataša Jovanova:

Victimological aspects of judicial verdicts

Milanko Čabarkapa:

Stress and psychological trauma in the workplace and the right to compensation for non-material damage

Axelle Reiter:

Victims’ rights, international wrongs, and restorative justice: How to square the circle of accountability and redress for international crimes?

Dragan Obradović:

Protection of victims and goods in the criminal offences against road traffic safety from the aspect of the environment’s protection

Michelle Veljanovska:

The consequences of judicial obligations as a politics of transition in post-war Serbia, Bosnia and hercegovina and Croatia

Nikola Petrović, Bejan Šaćiri, Tamara Kljajić:

Victims of bad psychotherapeutic practice

Filip Mirić:

Legal protection of elderly persons and risk of their victimization by criminal acts with elements of domestic violence

Dane Subošić, Saša Mijalković:

Contribution of the police negotiating team to the protection of human rights in specific security situations

2012 - No 2 United Nations and the global challenges of crime:

Eduardo Vetere:

In honor and tribute to Dušan Cotič- Last chairman of the glorious United Nations Committee on crime and prevention & control

Matti Joutsen:

Dušan Cotič and the European Institute: Bridging the Gap

Anna Alvazzi del Frate:

Across the borders in search of best practices: International comparative criminology at the UN

Michael Platzer, Brad Popović:

Dušan Cotič- friend, mentor, scholar, and the man of action

Slawomir Redo:

From the Universal to the Particular through intercultural United Nations crime prevention law and practice

Dimitri Vlassis:

The United Natins convention against corruption: a successful example of international action against economic crime

 Victimology: theory, practice, activism:

Jo-Anne Wemmers:

Victims’ rights are human rights: The importance of recognizing victims as persons

Kauko Aromaa:

Victimisation surveys- what are they good for?

Ljubo Bavcon:

Human freedom and/or safety

Momčilo Grubač:

Procedural and legal status of the injured party according to the new Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Serbia

Alenka Šelih:

Victimological research in Slovenia

Oliver Bačanović:

The development of victimology in Macedonia

Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović:

Development of Victimology in Serbia

Natti Ronel, Tyra Ya’ara Toren:

Positive Victimology- An innovation or “more of the same”?

Gerd Ferdinand Kirchhoff, Nazia Khan:

Limits to Tolerance: Tribal Social Order versus Human Rights

Sanja Ćopić:

Development of the contemporary concept of restorative justice: towards increased visibility of crime victims

2012 - No3 Crime data recording and victims:

Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović:

German experiences in documenting and presenting information about past crimes to the public

Saša Mijalković:

Current methodology of recording violent crime in the records of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia

Ivana Stevanović:

Steps towards improving the system of records, collection and monitoring of data relevant to statistics within the system of juvenile justice in the Republic of Serbia

Danica Vasiljević-Prodanović:

Concentration of crime as a measure of repeat victimization

Liljana Stevković:

Place of the victims in records of violence against children

Nataša Rajić:

The normative framework of the protection of personal data in the field of (bio)medicine

Vladislava Gordić Petković:

Gender roles and gender stereotypes in teaching literature

Aleksandar Radovanović:

War Brought Home: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in the Post-Vietnam America through the Documentary Form of Emily Mann’s play Still Life

Antonela Arhin:

Conceptualizing Child Labour Trafficking and Exploitation: The Case of Roma Children in Montenegro

Bajo Cmiljanić:

Taking of hostages as an offence in international law and Serbian regulations

2012 - No 4 Women and prison:

An Nuytiens, Jenneke Christiaens:

Female Offenders’ Pathways to Prison in Belgium

Sanja Ćopić, Bejan Šaćiri:

Women in prison in Serbia: living conditions for female prisoners in the Correctional Institution for Women in Požarevac

Sanja Ćopić, Ljiljana Stevković, Bejan Šaćiri:

The treatment and the realization of the female prisoners’ rights in the Correctional Institution for Women in Požarevac

Milica Kovačević:

Women in the penal system according to the Bangkok Rules

Una Radovanović, Milica Popović:

Homosexual relationships in women’s prisons: deviation or deprivation?

Jasmina Nikolić, Mirjana Tripković:

Support for women in prison: Analysis of the VDS info and victim support service in 2011

Dragana Batić:

Resilience of refugee families

Nataša Tanjević:

Society as a victim of corruption: Political corruption in Serbia as an obstacle on the road to membership in the European Union

Zoran Kesić:

Race and ethnicity as a victimogenic predisposition of exceeding and abuse of police authority

Jelena Stefanović, Snežana Vidanović, Dušan Todorović:

Sex roles and attitudes toward gender roles of people within higher education

Marta Tomić:

The integration of women and the effects of the “glass ceiling” in the police profession

2011 - No 1 Victims and restorative justice:

Ivo Aertsen, Daniela Bolívar, Vicky de Mesmaecker, Nathalie Lauwers:

Restorative justice and the active victim: exploring the concept of empowerment

Borbála Fellegi:

Building and toning: An analysis of the institutionalisation of mediation in penal matters in Hungary

Emir Ćorović:

Settlement between the offender and the victim according to the Criminal Code of Serbia

Brunilda Pali, Karin Sten Madsen:

Dangerous Liaisons?: A Feminist and Restorative Approach to Sexual Assault

Ana Pajvančić-Cizelj:

Gender and development

2011 - No 2 Society as a victim:

Tatjana Đurić-Kuzmanović, Marija Vuković:

Gender regimes and the challenges of macroeconomic paradigm in Serbia in the light of the global financial crisis

Nataša Tanjević:

Society as a victim of bearers of economic and political power

Bajo Cmiljanić:

The prohibition of financing of terrorism in the light of international law and regulations of the Republic of Serbia

Nataša Tanjević:

Society as a crime victim of legal entities

Sanja Ćopić, Mirjana Tripković, Bejan Šaćiri:

Support for victims of crime: analysis of the VDS info and victim support service in 2010

2011 - No3 Children: perpetrators of violence, victims, observers:

Dragana Batić, Iskra Akimovska-Maletić:

Protection of children of divorced parents who are victims of emotional abuse

Rajko Macura, Slavoljub Vujović, Đuro Mikić:

Psycho-social impacts of virtual communication

Nikolina Grbić-Pavlović:

Penalty responsibility of juveniles in the Republic of Srpska

Ana Batričević:

Children and animal abuse- criminological, victimological and criminal justice aspects

Filip Mirić:

Components of emotions in the personality structure of juveniles with delinquent behavior

2011 - No 4 Hate crimes:

Theo Gavrielides:

Restorative practices & hate crime: Opening up the debate

Jovan Ćirić:

Hate crimes- American and Balkan experience

Milena Tripković:

Expansion of hate: Essential features of mass hate crimes

Milica Kovačević:

Hate crimes and normative regulation

Vesna Madžarac, Jelena Vukotić:

Bibliography of the journal Temida (1998-2010)

2010 - No 1 Reconciliation:

Michael Humphrey:

The politics of trauma and reconciliation

Stephan Parmentier, Marta Valińas, Elmar Weitekamp:

Restoring justice in Serbia- Reconciliation and restorative justice in post-war context

Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović, Jelena Srna:

Reconciliation with oneself and with others- From approach to model

Nikola M. Petrović:

Research about the most adequate forms of remembering the past and ways of establishing trust in the former Yugoslavia

Novica Kostić:

War veterans as peace builders

2010 - No 2 Victims of discrimination:

Sanja Dimoski:

Historical approach to the treatment of people with disability as an indicator of their social positioning

Marta Tomić:

Women, professorship and unequal opportunities

Jelena Dimitrijević:

Violence against women with disabilities

Jasmina Nikolić, Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović, Nikola M. Petrović:

Available services, capacity to help victims of domestic violence in Vojvodina and the awareness and satisfaction of women with these services

Tanja Ignjatović:

Indicators for the assessment of professional response in situations of partner violence

Jelena Srnić:

Students’ Articles: Abuse of the elderly

2010 - No3 Restorative justice between theory and practice:

Oliver Bačanović:

Restorative justice in Macedonian criminal legislation and difficulties in its implementation

Vera Despotović-Stanarević, Tamara Džamonja- Ignjatović:

Possibilities and restrictions of the implementation of mediation in domestic violence cases

Vesna Stefanovska:

Police restorative approach in the juvenile justice system

Danica Vasiljević-Prodanović:

Restorative justice within the criminal justice system

Tatjana Đurić-Kuzmanović:

Regulation vs. reality in Serbia- Gender equality, economy and state

Vesna Baltezarević, Radoslav Baltezarević:

Corporate submissiveness

Danica Radaković:

Victims of crime, with special emphasis on victims of work abuse and domestic violence- analysis of the Service VDS info and victim support for 2009

2010 - No 4 Violence against children:

Jelena Srna, Ivana Stevanović:

The problem of corporal punishment of children and role of experts in its solving

Nataša Tanjević:

Legal protection of child victims of sexual violence in Serbia

Ivana Stevanović, Jelena Srna:

Elimination of corporal punishment of children as a human right

Nada Banjanin-Đuričić:

Pupils have rights too

Nikola Petković, Mirjana Đorđević, Vasilije Balos:

Public attitudes toward the phenomenon of child sexual abuse in Serbia

2009 - No 1 Structural victimization:

Dina Siegel:

Human trafficking and legalized prostitution in the Netherlands

Velibor Lalić, Želimir Kešetović:

Anthropology of sexual exploitation

Ljiljana Stevković:

Trafficking in human organs

Zorica Mršević:

Different families, same love- challenges of the 2008

2009 - No 2 Mobbing:

Vesna Baltezarević:

Business communication and mobbing

Mirjana Tripković:

Psychological abuse in the work place: the analysis of the VDS info and victim support service’s work in 2008

Tanja Ignjatović:

Professionals’ conduct as a condition for minimizing secondary victimization of the victims of domestic partnership violence

Jelena Perišić:

Pretrial detention and alternate methods of securing the presence of the accused during the criminal procedure

2009 - No3 Cyber victimization:

Debarati Halder, Karuppannan Jaishankar:

Cyber Socializing and Victimization of Women

Ivana Stevanović:

Criminal acts related to the exploitation of child pornography through abuse of computer systems and networks (international and domestic criminal legislation framework)

Branislava Popović-Ćitić:

Cyber space bullying

Dejan Vuletić:

Human organ trafficking in the cyber space

Nikola M. Petrović:

Attitudes of youth towards cyber vandalism

Marina Kovačević-Lepojević, Borko Lepojević:

Victims of cyberstalking in Serbia

2009 - No 4 Victimless crime:

Mirjana Dokmanović:

Corruption as a „white-collar crime”- international legal instruments on public accountability of public officials

Petrus van Duyne, Elena Stocco, Miroslava Milenović:

Corruption in Serbia: uique or a shared Balkan disease?

Nada Polovina, Ivana Đerić:

Parental education and exposure of female and male students to bulling in school environment

Vesna Baltezarević:

Social group and mobbing

Milica Kovačević:

Hate crimes

2008 - No 1 Legal protection of victims:

Ivanka Marković:

Legal protection of victims of domestic violence in Republica Srpska

Oliver Bačanović:

Legal protection of victims under Criminal law in the Republic of Macedonia

Katja Filipčić:

The position of crime victims in legislation of the republic of Slovenia

Hidemichi Morosawa:

Toward Establishing basic Rights of Victims in Japan

2008 - No 2 Stigmatizion:

Aleksandar Jugović:

Stigmatization as a social process

Sanja Milivojević, Sharon Pickering:

Football and sex: the 2006 FIFA Worl Cup and sex trafficking

Ivana Stevanović:

Protection of the child right to privacy in a criminal procedure and media reporting

2008 - No3 Special Issue: Gender, education and human rights:

Nevena Petrušić, Slobodanka Konstantinović-Vilić, Natalija Žunić:

Legal clinic- gender sensitive teaching method for law students

Danijela Gavrilović:

Education and training as prerequisites for overcoming the difficulties in the implementation of ethical and legal norms concerning gender equality in a social environment

Danijela Spasić:

The place of women in police education: the situation and perspective of women’s human rights

Kumaravelu Chockalingam, Murugesan Srinivasan:

Perception of Victim Treatment by Police and Courts: A Study among University Students in India and Japan

Marina Kovačević-Lepojević, Danica Radaković:

VDS info and victim support service- the analysis of the Service’s work in 2007

Ivana Vučković:

Students Articles: Victims of gender-based violence and their legal protection in Serbia: in relation to men’s violence against women

2008 - No 4 Trafficking in people:

Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović:

Structural victimization and trafficking in people in Serbia: coping strategies and criminalization risks

Zdravko Skakavac, Tatjana Simić.:

Human trafficking in domestic legislature

Sanja Ćopić:

Routes of human trafficking in Europe and the position of Serbia on them

Biljana Simeunović-Patić:

Recognizing the trafficking in human beings victimization

Predrag Popović.:

Student’s Articles: Victims of gender-based violence and their legal protection in Serbia

2007 - No 1 Restorative justice and victims’ rights:

Miomira Kostic, PhD:

Setting Standards of Restorative Justice

Dragan Jovašević, PhD:

New solutions in the juvenile criminal law in the light of the restorative justice

Sanja Ćopić, LL.M:

Term and basic principles of restorative justice

Miladinović Dušica:

Pardon in the light of Restorative Justice

Snežana Savić:

Restorative justice and the Law on juvenile offenders and criminal protection of juveniles of the Republic of Serbia from the perspective of judicial practice

2007 - No 2 Victim assistance and support:

Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović, PhD:

Development of services for crime victims in Serbia

Sanja Ćopić, LL.M:

Victim support services in Serbia: survey results

Jasmina Nikolić:

Services for children and specialized organization for disabled persons and Roma in Belgrade

Marina Kovačević:

VDS info and victim support service – the analysis of the Service’s work

Murugesan Srinivasan
Jane Eyre Matehew:

Victims and the Criminal Justice System in India: Need for a Paradigm
Shift in the Justice System

2007 - No 3 Mental disorders and victimization:

Zoran ĆIRIĆ, PhD:

Victimisation of psychiatric patients


International protection of persons with mental disabilities


The procedure of involuntary hospitalization of persons with mental disorder in light of the human rights protection standards


Position of persons with mental disorders in penal law


The right to equal treatment in employment of persons with mental disorders

Zorica MRŠEVIĆ, PhD:

Gender equality and equal opportunity mechanisms in Italy

2007 - No 4 Victims of harassment:

Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović, PhD
Marina Kovačević-Lepojević:

Stalking: notion, characteristics and social responses


Cyber stalking

Milena RAČETA:

Survey on sexual harassment in public transportation in Belgrade

Mirjana TEJIĆ:

Responsibility of Serbia for genocide - application of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide

Danijela SPASIĆ:

Depression as a cause and consequence of victimization


Role and importance of formal system in prison

2006 - No1 Alternative sanctions:

Nils Christie, PhD:

Answers to losses

Antony Pemberton, M.A.
Frans W. Winkel, PhD and LLM
Mark S. Groenhuijsen, PhD and LLM:

Restorative justice and victims: not a self-evident relationship

Ljudmila Alpern:

Mediation as a source of social development

Monika Platek, PhD:

Obstacles to introduce Restorative Justice procedures and ways to overcome them from the experience of Polish Juridical Practice

Alenka Šelih, PhD:

Alternative sanctions and meausres in the criminal justice system of Slovenia

Božica Cvjetko:

lternatives to criminal procedure against juvenile and young adult offenders and alternative to criminal procedure in the cases of domestic violence

Nataša Mrvić-Petrović, PhD:

Alternative sanctions and new legislation in the Republic of Serbia

Ivana Stevanović, M.A.:

New legislation on juveniles: importance of alternatives to institutional treatment (in the light of the offender’s eintegration and victim’s empowerment)

VesnaNikolić-Ristanović, PhD
Sanja Ćopić, M.A.:

The position of victims in Serbia: criminal procedure and possibilities of restorative justice

2006 - No 2 Institutions and victims:


Victims of Attempted Murder in India:
An Analysis of Impact of Victimization and Responses of Criminal Justice System

Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović, Ph.D.
Marina Kovačević
Sanja Ćopić, M.A.:

Victimization and experience of crime victims with state institutions – the analysis of VDS info and victim support service's data

Saša Mijalković, MA:

Possibilities of collecting evidence about crime act of sexual exploatation in human beings

Jelena Grujic:

War veterans: factor of instability or factor of peace (building)

2006 - No 3 Health and victims:

Ruth Jamieson, MA
Dr Adrian Grounds:

Release and Adjustment after Long-term Imprisonment: Perspectives from Studies of Wrongly Convicted and Politically Motivated Prisoners

Bosiljka Đikanović:

Victims and health – health consequences of violence against women

Ljiljana Stevković:

Characteristics of violence against children in the family and its consequences on health

2006 - No 4 Viktimization on the Workplace:

Drenka Vuković, Phd:

Mobbing on the Workplace

Andreja Kostelić Martić, M.Sc.:

Mobbing prevention and types of assistance to the victims

Slađana Jovanović, MA
Biljana Simeunović-Patić, MA:

Protection against sexual harassment at work in the EU Law

Ljiljana Dobrosavljević-Grujić:

Discrimination of women on work place – relation to maternity, disability and women’s health

Jelena Srna, Phd.
Lazar Tenjović, Phd.:

Myths about violence among judiciary professionals

Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović, PhD
Danijela Bjelić:

Association Joint action FOR truth and reconciliation: activities in 2006 and plans for the future

2005 - No1 Domestic violence:

Slobodanka Konstantinović-Vilić,PhD
Nevena Petrušić,PhD:

Police Response to Domestiv Violence-theretical framework and foreign exeperiences

Danka Radulović,PhD:

Charateristics and conseqences of psychopatic domestic violence

Vesna Miletić-Stepanović,M.A.:

Violence against woman as the risk for social transformation

Saša Mijalković,MA:

The forms trafficking in human beigns

Miomira Kostić,PhD.
Radmila Đorđević:

Work with refugees-Special experience from the work with eldery people

2005 - No 2 Victims and legal system:

Gordana Lažetić-Bužarovska,Ph.D:

New Macedonian legislation which improves the position of injured party
International Standards and Domestic Violence

Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović,PhD
Mirjana Dokmanović,MA:

Protection of juveniles-victims of abuse and neglect in Serbia

Ivana Stevanović:

Building a Forward-Looking Agenda for Transitional Justice in South Africa

2005 - No3 Children victimes:

Nevenka Žegarac,PhD:

Child protection from trafficking in humans

Rokas Uscila,PhD:

Research on children abuse in Lithuania and its importance for prevention juvenile crime

Sandra Sinobad:

Characterististics of peer violence in schools


Save the Children Norway

2005 - No 4 Victimes and media:

Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović,PhD:

Trafficing in people in Serbia:between moral panic and social strategy

Jelena Grujić:

Serbian press about refugees:1990.-2005.

Nataša Mrvić-Petrović.PhD:

Media reporting and respect of human rights in criminal procedure

Nils Christie,PhD:

Restorative and retributive justice in context of war and war crimes

Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović,PhD
Nataša Hanak,MA:

Association Joint action FOR truth and reconciliation:coordination of civil society initiatives and increasing of sotial visibility of Thitd way toward facing the past

Marco Palmieri:

The European Integration in Criminal Field The Europian Arrest Warrant

2004 - No1 Victims and organized crime:

Nataša Mrvić-Petrović:

The difficulties of determining the notion of organized crime

Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović:

Social construction of victims blame, with special emphasis on criminal procedure against accused for the assassination of Zoran Đinđić, the prime minister of Serbia

Milan Škulić, PhD:

One view on the position of crime victim in criminal procedure for organized crime


Violence and exploitation of young women: mobility and strenghtening of networks of Albanian prostitution

Ivana Vidaković:

The role of health care services in assisting victims of crime

Đorđe Alempijević M.D., Mr.Sci
Slobodan Savić M.D., Ph.D.,
Dragan Ječmenica M.D., Ph.D.,
Branimir Aleksandrić M.D., Ph.D.:

Clinical Forensic Medicine Exzamination of Trafficked Victims

Olivera Simonov:

The position of victims and their legal representation in criminal procedures related to trafficking in people

Branislava Knežić,PhD:

From definition to the operacionalization,with emphasis on the research on violence

2004 - No 2 Marginals groups and victimization:

Miomira Kostić,PhD
Radmila Đorđević:

Victimization of old people as members of special marginal group

Laura Prescott:

Veterans in an Unnamed War:Hidden Abuse,Truth-telling, Resistance and Recovery

Zorica Mrsevic,PhD:

Parametars of social egsistence and social functioning of lesbians-lesbian body in processes of social interactions

Nevena Petrušić,PhD:

Mediaton as a method of solving legal disputes

2004 - No3 Victim support services:

Peter Dunn:

Developing support service for victims of hate crime

Ilse Vande Walle:

Supporting children-victims of crime,within victim support

Sanja Ćopić,M.A.
Jasmina Nikolić:

Service for victims of crime VDS info and victims' support:analysis of the previous work

Ljiljana Dobrosavljević-Grujić,PhD:

SOS hotline for women victims of discrimination at the workplace

Nadežda Ljubojev,PhD:

The notion and consequences of emotion abuse of a child in the family

Suzana Ivanović:

Social identity of young women from countryside:The example of the village Dudovica-case study

2004 - No 4 War crime and colective remembering:

Alma Mašić:

Prospective of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Goran Božičević:

Positive steps turning into a process

Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović,PhD:

Truth and reconciliation in Serbia

Gjylbehare Murati:

The process of healing war wounds in Kosova/o

Brandon Hamber:

Coming to terms with the conflict in and about Northern Ireland:Lessons from the Healing Through Remembring Project

Adnan Hasanbegović:

Facing the past and peace building

Vera Kelava:

The contribution of the Youth Communication Centre (YCC) to the peace building process in the area of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region

Nada Golubović:

Experiences in the reconcillation process-Period 1996-2004

Nataša Hanak,MA:

Project From remembering the past toward a positive future:what kind of model of truth abb trust/reconciliation does Serbia need?

Marija Gajicki:

New experience in the process of facing the past

Vladan Beara
Dr Predrag Miljanović
Boris Popov:

Why helping war veterans,at all?

Zdravko Marjanović:

There is no solution without national strategy about truth and reconciliation

Bojana Kostadinović:

Acttivities of NGO Initiatives in the field of truth and reconciliation

Danilo Rakić:

The overview of the status and prospective of internally displaced persons on the territory of the former Yugoslavia

Dragan Aćimović:

Some thouthts about remembering the past as the foundation of peace building

Tijana Milošević:

Melting the ice-Project of students of American University in Bulgaria

Nikola Perušić:

Atrocities in Vojvodina

Nenad Đurđević:

Steps toward the establishment of dialogue in Kosovo-experiences of the Center for non-violent resistance

Martin Snoddon:

Healing the Memories

Marian Liebmann:

Picturing truth and reconcilation

2003 - No1 Protection of victims and witnesses:

Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović PhD:

Victim support and prevention of secondary victimisation: contemporary legal solutions and practic

Slobodan Savić PhD,Đorđe Alimpijević MA:

Legislation regarding social protection of children and youth in Sweden with particular emphasis on protection from abuse and neglect

Sanja Ćopić MA:

Crime Victims in Criminal Justice System

Sanja Milivojević MA, Biljana Mihić:

Non-governmental organizations assisting victims of crime in Belgrade – survey results

Ivana Vidaković:

The role of health care services in assisting victims of crime

Jasmina Nikolić:

City Center for Social Work – Belgrade and assistance for victims of crime

2003 - No 2 Criminal offence domestic violence:

Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović, PhD:

Family violence offence in a social contex and legal system of Serbia and Montenegro

Nataša Mrvić-Petrović, PhD:

The need for change in administrative law from the aspect of prevention of domestic violence

Sanja Ćopić, MA:

Violence in Countries of the Former Yugoslavia: review of the most important results of the surveys

Slobodanka Konstantinović- Vilić, PhD, Nevena Petrušić, PhD:

Criminal Offence Domestic Violence – legal practice in Niš area

Jasmina Kiurski, MA:

Domestic violence

Marija Anđelković:

Practice of the City Magistrates in Belgrade regarding domestic violence

Ljiljana J. Simić:

Domestic violence is a crime

Ivanka Marković, PhD:

Implementation of the Domestic Violence law in the Republica Srpska

Radmila Sučević:

Legal regulation of domestic violence in Croatia

Katie Zoglin:

Helpful tools for criminal prosecution in domestic violence cases: same ideas from the United States of America

Sanja Milivojević, MA:

The response of the modern legal systems to domestic violence- comparative analysis of some of the european countries and New State USA

2003 - No3 Penal theory and practices:

Nils Christie:

When is enought, enought? And what should the criminologist say?

Branislava Knežić PhD, Slađana Jovanović, MA:


Slađana Jovanović, MA:

Possible changes in the legal concept of parole

Nataša Veselinović:

Trauma as comon denomination of sexual violence and victimisation

2003 - No 4 Victims and globalization:

Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović, PhD:

Illegal markets, human trade and transnational organised crime

Mirjana Dokmanović, MA:

Economic globalisation and paradoxes

Pam Alldred:

Thinking globally, acting locally: womwn activits’ accounts

Biljana Simeunović- Patić, MA:

Homicides in erbia Within the Context of Social Transition and War

Marija Anđelković:

Prostitution and (il)legal migration as possible hidden forms of trafficking in human beings – the analyses of the practice of the Magistrate Court in Belgrade

2002 - No 1 Trafficking in people:

Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović PhD:

Trafficking in women in Serbia and neighboring countries:scope, characteristics and causes

Nataša Mrvić-Petrović PhD:

Trafficking in human beings as a specific form of women’s migration

Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović PhD, Sanja Ćopić MA:

Criminal offence of trafficking in human beings – international documents, contemporary solutions in national legislations and Criminal Code of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

2002 - No 2 Victim support services:

Milan Škulić PhD:

Possibilities for improvement of the position of victims of trafficking in people within criminal procedure

Sanja Ćopić MA, Ivana Vidaković:

Victim support Services in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Sanja Milivojević:

Safe Horizont- Victim Support Service in New York

Ivana Vidaković:

Crime victims ,emotional reactions and healing proces

2002 - No3 The violence:

Biljana Simeunović-Patić MA:

Homicides Between Heterosexual Intimates: Criminological and Victimological Characteristics

Albert Dearing Phd:

The Austrian Act on the Protection agains Domestic Violence

Sanja Milivojević:

Mandatory arrest law in domestic violence cases and its implementation in New York City

Ivana Stevanović MA:

Some issues of sexual violence agains children

Biljana Mihić:

Domestic Violence agains Children

2002 - No 4 Truth and reconciliation:

Ruth Jamieson, Keele University, UK:

Denial, Acknowledgement and Reconciliation

Zoran Ilić PhD, Department for Stress, Institute for Mental Health, Belgrade, International Aid Network, Belgrade, Vesna Kesić, M.A:

Truth and reconciliation: Yes, please! No, thank you!

Gerd Ferdinand Kirchoff, PhD From Denazification to Renazification:

Experiences in Postwar Germany and Victimological Point of View on Truth and Reconciliation

Judith Armatta, J.D.:

Truth and Justice: The Challenge for Victims at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia

Heidy Rombouts:

Truth and Reconciliation: should the kez notions be revised? Experience fron South-Africa and Rwanda

David Wall:

Northern Ireland and Truth and reconciliation Healing throught Remembering; The Story so Far

Vehid Šehić:

The Precoditions for Reconciliation

Nebojša Petrović:

Psychological basis of the reconciliation process

Biljana Bijelić:

Failed Catharsis After the Second World War

Nada Golubović:

Truth and Reconciliation

Dijana Đurić:

Psychosocial reconciliation in the former Yugoslavia

Vesna Nikolić-Ristanović PhD:

Specifities of victimisation in Serbia and its importance for truth and reconciliation process

Jelena Tošić MA:

Which model of truth and Reconciliation applies to former Yugoslavia? Some thoughts on the closing panel discussion


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